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We're working on something that will blow your mind and give unprecedented clarity and transparency into your Agile Execution.

Imagine easily viewing initiatives across multiple boards and teams. Enabling your organization to improve it's planning, coordination, delivery management, and progress updates.

  • Coming in Q2 2018

    Stealth Mode

    Cloud Hosted and Jira Integrated

About Us

We've managed large geographically distributed teams and run transformative product and process initiatives across them. Agile is the way to go but really being agile is hard. Many organizations aspire to high performing agile but end up simply using Jira, having daily stand ups, and running undisciplined sprints and product initiatives. Product teams struggle with delivery and leadership struggles with reporting while Executives wonder when the agile transformation will pay off.

We've been there and found that the existing tools don't come close to enabling the agile execution and delivery transparency teams need to successfully transform and provide meaningful transparency to Executives. Having successfully done this for ourselves we want to help others do it too. That's why we've founded Hakkiri (meaning "to explain something in clear and simple terms" in Japanese).

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