はっきり Japanese adverb - "To explain something in clear and simple terms"

What it does

Hakkiri works smoothly with the way you use Jira to effectively manage your team and delivery processes. We've know how hard it is to track initiatives that involve multiple teams and knew we could solve that problem.

Top to Bottom Transparency

Get transparency across your organization and down through all your teams. Get grades on your organizational Health and metrics of delivery competency. See the forest and the trees.

Real Agility
in Teams

Knowledge is power. Teams get their own dashboards to view their historical trends, their day-to-day efforts, and feedback on delivery proficiency using data from the tools they use everyday.

Easy Deliverable Tracking

Easily track deliverables by grouping Epics across Teams and see progress towards expected delivery. Be confident in status reporting and make more informed decisions on priority and scope.

Harness the digital exhaust of delivery

Harness the digital exhaust of your delivery tools for quantitative feedback. Put all of that information you are already sending into chat rooms to deeper use.

How it works

Hakkiri integrates with Jira other tools from your existing delivery tool chain. We're working on something that will blow your mind and give unprecedented clarity and transparency into your Agile Execution.

Imagine easily viewing initiatives across multiple boards and teams. Enabling your organization to improve it's planning, coordination, delivery management, and progress updates.

Have a Look

Take a peek at some of what Hakkiri has to offer...

You can't improve what you don't measure. We grade performance of teams and the overall organization.
  • You can tailor the grade range to your needs
  • Teams can have individualized grade ranges

Scores (aka: KPIs) are aggregated together into weighted averages into competancy dimensions of Health:
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Backlogs
  • Quality Focus
  • Reliability

Metrics are used to evaluate teams versus each other and the overall Organization.

Use Deliverables to group work across teams that you can track to a Date or Scope.
  • View progress versus expectations
  • Get warned of the level of risk
  • Get a projected completion date based on velocity to date
  • See how aligned all the participating teams sprints are to one another
  • Make sure epics are being addressed in priority order
  • Quickly navigate into Jira when needed

We turned our hard learned lessons into a curated set of rules. They are like Static Analysis of your Agile Delivery.
  • Use our rules or customize them to your liking
  • Rules codify your standards and desired best practices
  • Rule results are Scored and factored into appropriate Health grades
  • Teams get contextualized feedback for the Boards, Epics, Sprints, or Issues that violate the rules
  • Decrease your reliance on Agile Coaches (saving $$$). As always, automate all the things.

About Us

We've managed large geographically distributed teams and run transformative product and process initiatives across them. Agile is the way to go but really being agile is hard. Many organizations aspire to high performing agile but end up simply using Jira, having daily stand ups, and running undisciplined sprints and product initiatives. Product teams struggle with delivery and leadership struggles with reporting while Executives wonder when the agile transformation will pay off.

We've been there and found that the existing tools don't come close to enabling the agile execution and delivery transparency teams need to successfully transform and provide meaningful transparency to Executives. Having successfully done this for ourselves we want to help others do it too. That's why we've founded Hakkiri.

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