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True Agility Needs Continuous Clarity™

Deliver the most value to customers and confidently hit your goals with unparalleled visibility into your Agile delivery

Getting Started is Simple and Risk-Free
  1. Register for a 30-Day Trial
  2. Integrate with Jira
  3. Define a Deliverable
  4. See the Clear Difference
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Questions that Hakkiri Answers
  • Are we executing on our strategy?
  • When will we be done?
  • Will we hit our goals?
  • How are teams performing?

Deliver with confidence

Our Continuous Clarity™ platform aggregates and analyzes delivery data into the insights and transparency your organization has been looking for.  Teams stay focused on products and stakeholders stay informed of progress and risks. Make smarter decisions on scope and priority with actionable intelligence from your Agile operation.

Easily track deliverables

Add Teams and Epics

Define priorities

Teams do the work, we track it

Executive ready reporting

View flow Overall, By Team, By Epic
Keep execution aligned to strategy

Easily track progress versus priorities

View changes over time

Identify bottlenecks

Keep goals on track

Continuously improve Agile practices

Actionable performance metrics

Automated agile coaching

Set and monitor best practices

Scale your teams and process

For Program Managers, RTEs, & Scrum Masters

Get the status you need without slowing down teams

It's the end of the week and it's time for you to follow up with all the stragglers who didn't get their status updates in on time. Let Hakkiri do the work of tracking status. Just select the teams and epics they are working on to define a deliverable. We harness the digital exhaust of teams working tickets and automatically track progress against the Deliverable you set up. Putting your weekly status report together and providing insightful commentary has never been this easy.

Status Reporting Made Easy

Know when deliverables are off track and by how much

Get estimates of completion you can trust

Easily track progress versus priorities

See cumulative flow at every level: Overall, by Team, by Epic

For Product & Engineering Leaders

Exceptional Agile delivery requires Continuous Clarity

Continuous Integration keeps quality high
Continuous Delivery makes deployment fast
Continuous Clarity will keep delivery on track

Your Agile delivery isn’t realizing its full potential because you're missing the operational insight you need to make informed trade-offs between time, scope, and priority when it matters the most.

 No more surprise "red" status updates

 Keep execution aligned to your strategy

 Actively manage your risks

 Have confidence in hitting your goals

 Maximize the value delivered to customers

Continuous Clarity™ Pricing

Try Free for 30 days! Get the clarity you need to accelerate your Agile delivery. No credit card required.

Save 20% when paid annually



Enables you to:

  • Integrate with Jira
  • Manage up to 3 teams
  • Track deliverables
  • Get estimates of completion
  • Report on progress
  • Get curated performance metrics
  • Retain 3 months of historical data for Analytics and BI



Features of Starter plus:

  • Manage up to 10 teams. (Minimum 1 paid user per team)



Features of Premium plus:

More than 25 teams?


Enabling Your Success

Hakkiri offers consulting services to help you reach all your organizational goals. We help organizations get results faster and avoid pitfalls using proven methodologies. Our Continuous Clarity™ platform enables rapid insights into your organization for faster assessments and deeper feedback.


Roadmap Development

Stakeholder Engagement

Strategic Planning

Level of Effort Estimations

User Personas



Due Diligence

Cloud Migration

New Technology Adoption

DevOps Practices

Engineering Culture




Culture Building

Recruiting and Hiring

Organizational Structure

Roles and Responsibilities

Career Levels and Paths


Organizational Assessments

Agile Transformation

Agile Training

KPIs & Metrics

Tool Selection

Jira Simplification


About Hakkiri

はっきり Japanese adverb - "To explain clearly"

James Smith
James Smith


Robert Orefice


As senior cross-functional leaders, James and Robert have first-hand experience solving many of the pervasive problems in product development; endless process debates, large investments in Business Intelligence initiatives that yield few actionable metrics, and an inordinate amount of time spent on providing status reports to stakeholders. Through many iterations across different products, at different companies, they have devised a set of methods and a SaaS platform that solves these problems and enables organizations to be laser focused on the great products and features they want to bring to market. Hakkiri was founded with the mission that process and analytics should accelerate and elevate, not burden and box in.


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News and Events

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Startup Spotlight: Hakkiri and their plan to boost business agility

Startup Spotlight: Hakkiri and their plan to boost business agility

MongoDB is committed to helping startups grow and scale. Learn about how Hakkiri is leveraging the MongoDB Startup Accelerator to grow their Continuous Clarity platform to increase business agility.


How MongoDB Atlas Helps Hakkiri Deliver Continuous Clarity to Agile Software Organizations

How MongoDB Atlas Helps Hakkiri Deliver Continuous Clarity to Agile Software Organizations

MongoDB Atlas is at the heart of Hakkiri's Continuous Clarity platform, delivering a better way to measure Agile software development.


Hakkiri joins as sponsor of AgileCamp 2019 NYC

Hakkiri joins as sponsor of AgileCamp 2019 NYC

Bring your team to AgileCamp 2019 on Oct. 4 where Agilists from across the country will come together for a day of networking and hands-on learning! Energize and inspire your team in a positive, entertaining environment.

Hakkiri Co-Founders Selected as Speakers at AgileCamp 2019 NYC

Hakkiri Co-Founders Selected as Speakers at AgileCamp 2019 NYC

Robert Orefice and James Smith will conduct a session on October 4, 2019 entitled Communicating Status to Stakeholders that Don't Speak Agile - Proven Estimation Techniques that Work.

Hakkiri Co-Founders Selected as Speakers at Agile 2019

Hakkiri Co-Founders Selected as Speakers at Agile 2019

Robert Orefice will do a lightning talk on Diamonds in the Rough. Boost your Culture by Promoting from Within on 8/7 and James Smith will speak on 8/8 about If your product isn't enabled for CI/CD - stop everything and do it.


Hakkiri to Demo its Continous Clarity™ Platform at MongoDB World 2019

Hakkiri to Demo its Continous Clarity™ Platform at MongoDB World 2019

In Hakkiri's first public demo since launch, they’ll show you how painless it is to define and actively manage an agile deliverable, explain why they choose MongoDB, and share some tips on Time Series.


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